Diving In

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is a “dive bar”?

In reference to Paulo Coelho’s article, “The Strength of the Warrior” I realize I have fallen into the abyss.  I am startled by phantoms and tormented by loneliness; I am surrounded by darkness.  I must communicate with my master.

Perpetual acute depression.  This is my abyss.  Maybe a medical text would show another name, and maybe it sounds more (or less) sever than it really is, but this abyss of mine is suffocating me.

My master will tell me, “It’s not the fall which drowns, but the length of time underwater.”

I can allow myself to drown, or I can use all my strength to get out of this situation in which I find myself.

I must use all my strength.  I must develop the will to escape this abyss, and not give up until I have moved well forward.


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