Sleeping by the wasteside.

Today is a rainy day, and that is a good thing.  Being currently unemployed probably enhances the usefulness of the weather.  However, I must admit that a stroke of luck may be largely responsible for allowing me to see the hidden blessings.

I awoke at 7 AM.

For weeks, months even I have been waking up between noon and 6 PM.  To sum up a whole series of blog posts which will not be written, I have been the laziest, least productive person for 4 months now.  But as I said, that won’t be covered in this blog posting.

Anyway, I miraculously awoke at 7 AM in spite of my alarm being set for 9 AM (a fairy tale in itself, since 11 AM is early for me.)  Now, I attempted to return to bed as I typically do, but I was awake for good.  So after an hour I drug myself out of bed.  I am aware of the benefits of waking up early, but in the rare cases that it happens I am always delightfully surprised by what is available.

(As I am writing this I am thinking up so many more things I will be able to do if waking early becomes a habit.  Delightful indeed.)

I’m a large fan of podcasts.  One of my favorites which frequently goes unplayed is Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac, a 5 minute snack to the appetite of the writer (or avid reader for that matter).  Of course, this can only truly be relished early in the morning, while the sun is still in the East.  The wine was so sweet this morning.  Happy Birthday Leonardo!

To my pride, my next accomplishment was also very thrilling.  I have been working with a running program now for about 2 weeks.  I would be 3 weeks in, but last week I did not make time and allowed myself to miss all 4 days I should have been on the treadmill.

But today required 30 – 35 minutes, and when 35 minutes came around I did not want to stop at all.  I felt great, and I still do.  Even though I have yet to get far into the program, I am feeling changes in my body.  More energy, happier, more awareness of muscles, more awareness of diet, better posture, etc…  So certainly, feeling as though I want to continue running forever is great, it’s what I’m working toward.  But of course, I also understand that pacing is incredibly important to my success.  So I stopped when I hit 35 minutes.

Of course, I also haven’t started running.  I walked the whole time.  It’s part of the pacing.  2 weeks walking, then slowly build in running.  Well, take a look at the program for yourself.

Now, I missed my 3rd week, and I’m also waiting for a friend to catch up, so I started back at 30 – 35 minutes of walking.  I considered this a great success.

Which brings me to my third and final celebration so far on this rainy day.  This blog entry!

I have created numerous blogs, even managed to keep some going for 2 or more years, but they have fizzled out.  And this one has not even hit a dozen posts.  But for me a blog is one form of writing exercise, and in creating this blog entry I am getting in writing exercise, and this is truly a great success for me.

Hooray for the rain!

*Obviously the rain was not integral to this post.


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