Twitter Crackdown

Very recently I was introduced to, and have begun promoting the Twitter Rocket method for boosting your twitter following.  I’ve been tracking and trending a number of mega shakers utilizing the method, and finally decided to put it to the test.

Then, while noticing certain @tohnocore tweets were not showing up, I went to the URL of @BloggingHannah and found myself greeted by the Suspended Account page of Twitter.  Something had gone wrong.

I was reminded of an article I had read on Twitter Account Types which will cease to exist under the new TOS, with my attention being directed to type #6, The Slimy Salesman.  I am not accusing Hannah Solo of being little more than a marketer; however, I can certainly see Twitter shutting her down for investigation since the majority of her tweets were simply re-postings of her affiliate link with phrasing and regularity that even appeared to be bot produced.  I know it’s not the first time her legitimacy has been called into question, but this time it is Twitter pointing the finger.

So, some questions remain.  Will Twitter Rocket continue to be regarded as the wildly successful method that it is for building your Twitter following?  Will Hannah Solo manage be able to clear her name with Twitter and rejoin the stream, or will she be merely exposed as a marketing tool to sell Twitter Rocket?

Whatever happens, one thing is clear.  Twitter will continue being among my absolute favorite social media playgrounds.  @tohnocore when you get a chance!

Update:  Twitter Rocket is now Free & I have learned that Hannah Solo was only one of many (MANY) suspended in a massive shutdown of Twitter Rocket promoters.  Check out this article from a large promoter who was not shut down.


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