The Beat Goes On

Today, we celebrate the imminent launch of the greatest new method for building your Twitter following.

Yesterday, I covered the controversial suspension of many Twitter accounts promoting a method of growing your twitter followers.  In the aftermath, it was discovered that Twitter was acting in response to a spiteful blogger whom launched complaints against the Twitter Rocket name infringing on copyrights.  As for the product and the team who designed it, they handled the matter with the greatest aplomb.

Product designer Ashley Morgan acted quickly and coolly to turn the situation to the favor of those using and promoting the method.  He has announced the launch of the new method which will focus on the strengths of the old method while removing its weaknesses.  This has me particularly excited since I recently began promoting the product which is the only legitimate method I have been able to find on the net.  Now I can offer not only the greatest method of growing your Twitter following, but a heavily revised, superior version.

Be sure to get in today so you can launch your following as soon as the new product officially launches on 28 September 2009!  I’ll be there with you!


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