Powerful Commitment

Today I took a vital step by making the firm commitment to apply the Genesis Rocket method full force.  Before I go any further, I want to thank Ashley Morgan, The Upstart Blogger, for the fantastic support he provides for his Genesis Rocket product.  The responses he has provided to my emails have been far more helpful than I expected.  Truly great support from someone who has created a truly great product.

Now back to topic, I have come to realize that one of the reason so many people fail with affiliate marketing is that they never put enough effort into it.  In all considerations internet marketing is incredibly easy, but to be able to call it an easy way to make money you do need to put in plenty of initial effort.  People can and do apply Genesis Rocket to earn 4 figures a day, and it doesn’t take much work, but they were consistent and built up a base from which to work.

Previously I was applying a step or two.  I wasn’t being consistent, I was letting my base remain incomplete, I was meeting failure.  However, my situation with my job is changing, and I realize I may need to go from Genesis Rocket as supplemental income to Genesis Rocket as primary income.

I suppose this is a follow-up to my previous post, Status Update, Raison detre, and Truth, in that I’m actually committing to the 3 points I outlined there.  Through my conversations with Ashley Morgan I have been able to pinpoint where my focus needs to be in order to find success with Genesis Rocket and my projects and campaigns in affiliate marketing.  Now it’s up to me to put in the effort.


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