Number Crunching

Charts, graphs, plots, lists — I enjoy these.  I’m a total nerd, it’s true.  I love statistics.  I like to analyze data, find correlations, understand information.  I can be quite neurotic about it too.  I think that’s part of why I’m trying to break into affiliate marketing.  I want to manipulate data in order to create something, in this case income primarily, from it.  I want to know my conversions when promoting Genesis Rocket.  How many people are buying it because of me?  Are they buying it to promote their own products, or are they buying it to promote the product itself?

The questions are endless, and I’ve been asking a lot of them to myself, and even some to other affiliates promoting the product as well as the creator, Ashley Morgan himself.   I’ve been getting great answers, but have I been making great use of those answers?  Yes and no.

I’ve taken the responses and considered them, began making the commitments necessary to achieve success.  But I haven’t yet been pushing enough.  I’m not looking for an easy time where I need to spend just 20 minutes to make $200 dollars (that would be great, and will probably come after a base is established), but I am hoping that success comes sooner than I expect it to.  Right now though, I need to properly motivate myself, and push for the results I seek.  That is where this blog helps me.  It’s one of the few sources of motivation I presently have.  This blog is a source of accountability, and accountability is the fire that keeps me warm where it would be so easy to cool out and drop from the game.

Today I will make my biggest push yet.  I will realign my efforts, streamlining them even more than I have so far.  Today, more than any other goal, my efforts are focused on realizing my first sale of Genesis Rocket.  I welcome any help offered, and will definitely report my results.

Have your best day ever.  I expect to.


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