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Powerful Commitment

October 28, 2009

Today I took a vital step by making the firm commitment to apply the Genesis Rocket method full force.  Before I go any further, I want to thank Ashley Morgan, The Upstart Blogger, for the fantastic support he provides for his Genesis Rocket product.  The responses he has provided to my emails have been far more helpful than I expected.  Truly great support from someone who has created a truly great product.

Now back to topic, I have come to realize that one of the reason so many people fail with affiliate marketing is that they never put enough effort into it.  In all considerations internet marketing is incredibly easy, but to be able to call it an easy way to make money you do need to put in plenty of initial effort.  People can and do apply Genesis Rocket to earn 4 figures a day, and it doesn’t take much work, but they were consistent and built up a base from which to work.

Previously I was applying a step or two.  I wasn’t being consistent, I was letting my base remain incomplete, I was meeting failure.  However, my situation with my job is changing, and I realize I may need to go from Genesis Rocket as supplemental income to Genesis Rocket as primary income.

I suppose this is a follow-up to my previous post, Status Update, Raison detre, and Truth, in that I’m actually committing to the 3 points I outlined there.  Through my conversations with Ashley Morgan I have been able to pinpoint where my focus needs to be in order to find success with Genesis Rocket and my projects and campaigns in affiliate marketing.  Now it’s up to me to put in the effort.


Status Update, Raison d’être, and Truth

October 22, 2009

So, the blog bug bit me once again, causing me to miss several days (weeks) since my last update.  I am working hard to combat this.  In large part, I need a new job.  No, I do not yet make enough money blogging that I can quit my day job, but I am working on that.  For instance, I enjoy making use of and promoting Genesis Rocket, a proven method of building your Twitter Following.  I assure you it’s not a scam, it doesn’t promote spam, and there is no botting involved.  Genesis Rocket is just a natural and effective method of Twitter growth for anyone promoting a product, service, or even just their self.  With that said, I am still not generating the affiliate sales I need to replace my income.  I blame this in part on the vicious circle of work taking up too much of my time and energy for me to actively apply and promote Genesis Rocket.  Yet, at the same time I know that is hogwash designed to hide helplessness.

Over the past few weeks my grandparents were in the area visiting.  My Grandmother and Grandfather are two of the most important people in my life, so this was a wonderful period of time.  Vis-à-vis, there is one little bit of wisdom I gained this weekend that I would like to elaborate on.  Very simply, “I am the only one with the answers.”

What is the relevance for me?  Well, I am like a boat on dry land.  Heaps of potential, but no motivation to do anything.  I have great ambition, but there’s no fire burning in me to accomplish anything.  I want everything given to me without working for it.  In short, I am pitiful, and nobody can help me save for myself.  Therefore, I am the only one with the answers.

For instance, I started this blog a long time ago, and while I continually return to it, it often goes unattended.  When I first started it I had this following idea in my mind.  It was a bit angsty perhaps, but the idea remained:

“This blog is about my hopelessness, my social shortcoming and nihilistic nature.  It’s about why I don’t fit in and why I get along with everybody.  It’s about what makes me weak, and why those things strengthen me.  But really, more than any of that, this blog is about you, and why everyone who reads it is really just me, but would never admit it.”

Yes, it sounds like I’m 15 and the whole world hates me.  But at the same time, I think I can continue with that sort of underlying premise even as I attempt to focus this blog more and more upon Internet Marketing.  You see, with such a melancholy basis for my beginning, I can highlight my successes and breathe joy and inspiration into others.  While creating wealth online for myself and others, I can build myself up.  Perhaps I struggle with depression, but this blog is an opportunity to lift myself out of that funk, and enjoy myself through my writing!

1.  I will find for myself a new job that I enjoy far more than the pit I am in presently.

2.  I will use that job as a foundation as I learn more about internet marketing so that I can replace my full-time income with money gained through a passionate embrace of internet marketing.

3.  I will share what I learn with anyone who comes across this blogs and seeks to learn more.

These are the 3 guiding steps that I have developed just now.  I will reforge these over time into my mission statement.  One devoid of depressive tongue; full of inspiration and motivation.

Tell-Tale Signs

October 6, 2008

The beauty if life lies in the upturns that always balance each sorrow.  I immediately find myself in need of responding to my previous post, for the universe works so quick.  Already I have received some convenient joys that are lifting my from my low state.

Perhaps more importantly, I am in tune with the fact that simply presenting my “ailments” allows for a cure to arrive.  I’ll publish this entry now, but hopefully I’ll remember to come back and make more sense of what I have written.

Diving In

October 6, 2008

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is a “dive bar”?

In reference to Paulo Coelho’s article, “The Strength of the Warrior” I realize I have fallen into the abyss.  I am startled by phantoms and tormented by loneliness; I am surrounded by darkness.  I must communicate with my master.

Perpetual acute depression.  This is my abyss.  Maybe a medical text would show another name, and maybe it sounds more (or less) sever than it really is, but this abyss of mine is suffocating me.

My master will tell me, “It’s not the fall which drowns, but the length of time underwater.”

I can allow myself to drown, or I can use all my strength to get out of this situation in which I find myself.

I must use all my strength.  I must develop the will to escape this abyss, and not give up until I have moved well forward.